1978 Japanese Dhaulagiri

More good news!

The helpful people of the Gunma Prefecture have sent me a report of the successful 1978 Japanese SE-Ridge Dhaulagiri expedition. They have also sent me amazing pictures that really grasp the difficulty of the SE-Ridge.
I will update the Dhaulagiri page with this new info (unfortunately the pictures are copyrighted but I might work something out) and would like to express my eternal gratitude to expedition leader Tanaka Seiko sama for making his book and photographs available and to the helpful people of the Gunma Prefectural Sports Association in particular Suda Hiroaki sama.

Kind regards,
HP crew

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Dhaulagiri Page Complete

Dhaulagiri I page has now been completed. Look for more mountain pages to be completed during August. We expect to finish Makalu and the Gasherbrums next.

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Nanga Parbat page complete

Great news!

Our first mountain page is now 100% complete and uploaded. Check the Nanga Parbat page above for a complete and detailed overview of layout, the routes and the climbing history of the naked mountain. With in-depth coverage of the most famous and dramatic expeditions, the most heroic achievements and the most regrettable tragedies.

Expect more mountain pages to be completed over the coming weeks, with Dhaulagiri in the works right now.



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Under construction

Site currently under construction. Right now our main focus lies on completing some of the ‘Mountains’ pages with useful information etcetera. Once we get that going, we will also start briefing you with expedition news. Because the climbing season is well under way in the Karakoram right now, we might miss the summer season.

In that case, come back here after the Monsoon as we’ll certainly be live for the September climbing window in the Himalayas and the subsequent winter expeditions of 2012-2013.

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