This blog is a tribute to the great eight thousand meter mountains of planet Earth, situated in the Himalayas and Karakoram ranges in the Pakistan, Nepal, Tibet / China and India area.
You can find all sorts of useful information on all these mountains on this blog. Updates on current expeditions, climbing routes, data, summary’s of historical ascents, pictures and many more. Each particular eight-thousander will have its own page where history, routes, trivia and other information is shared. Meanwhile, we also keep track of current expeditions in the Karakoram and Himalayan regions.

This is not a wikipedia page and our knowledge and information are limited. After all it is only a blog for enthusiasts, not experts. But we do go more in-depth in certain matters compared to wikipedia. We have the benefit of having read literature, followed expeditions live and access to certain inside information.

But again in the end, this is not a blog for expert mountaineers. Rather it is to help inform those armchair mountaineers and climbing enthusiasts. Unfortunately, none of us have English as a mother tongue, so do pardon any linguistic or spelling mistakes.


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